Collection of documents „Dialogue4change“

The virtual Collection Dialogue4change is a compilation of some 680 documents related to different development issues. It has been set up jointly with our partner Globethics and it is meant to be used by the D4C discussion groups, as well as by anyone interested by the ethics of development.

URL and accessAll the articles are accessible through the platform’s web site (under « Library») or on Globethics’ site on :

The collection is open, without need to register, and most of the texts can be downloaded and directly printed. However, for some protected documents such as extracts from Encyclopaedias, it is necessary to register and to log in so as to be able to open them.

The documents are classified according to the following categories:

Languages: the collection contains documents in many languages; in English, French, German and Spanish, among others.

Searching for documents: the articles can be found under the corresponding category and themes, displayed on the collection’s home page, or by means of an advanced search, with key words, the date of the publication, author, etc.

Submission of new documents: anyone may add new documents to the Library, after logging, on the online submission page: The texts submitted by D4C participants will be placed in the corresponding category by a staff member of Globethics who will control the quality and the management of the copyrights.

Enjoy your reading!